On 31st October Look Essex enjoyed a sunny day in Danbury. It was the last day of the half term holiday and, amazingly, it was hot enough to picnic outside, make a fire in the woods to toast marshmallows and boil water for hot chocolate. We had problem solving activities that tested the thinking, and challenging activities testing the bravery. It has to be said we had a fantastic team of who were up for the encounters, participated throughout and really supportive of each other, it was a pleasure to see.

Here’s what our young people had to say: -

“What did I like about today? I liked everything we did, from the Tarzan swing the belaying, to the bush craft”
Maddie (aged 10)

“I had a good day and it was fun”
Ashley (aged 16)

“It was SO much fun and I had an amazing time!”
Isabelle (aged 11)

“Brilliant day it lovely to meet and work with new people, thank you x”
Amelia (aged 13)

“I had a great day and it was really nice to work as a team, thank you x”
Chloe (aged 13)

“Fun good to be able to act with other people and challenging”
Elliot (aged 15)

“Had a fun day, glad I came”
Jack (aged 13)

“It was EPIC, my favourite bit was the balancing part of the assault course!!!”
Hannah (aged 8)

“I enjoyed all of it and I wish I could do it again”
Roxy (aged 9)

“I liked everything and the assault course – even though I wasn’t very good”
Linus (aged 10)

“I loved everything about the day especially bush craft”
Amy (aged 11)

“It was one of the best experiences of my life! I wish I could replay the day”
Lily (aged 10)

We would also like to thank all of our volunteers who gave up their day. They were encouraging and fun, they ensured that every young person had the best possible experience and got the most from the opportunities presented.