Enabling independent self-development and freedom of choice, throughout life's transitions.

Our Mission

Future Sight endeavours to;


In 2002 Future Sight was formed as a project group within Look Essex, the Voluntary Organisation for children with visual impairment. Future Sight is now an innovative project development hub founded upon sound research. In 2005 an extensive consultation, research and analysis was undertaken, that tested the hypothesis, “Future Sight will enhance the development of visually impaired people throughout life's transitions."

June 9th 2006 saw the successful launch of Future Sight as an innovative, representative and inclusive project developer that is responsive to the needs of people with visual impairment.

In 2014 further research, “Achieving Expectation: Young People with Visually Impairment, Government Approach and Meeting Need”, was undertaken that sought to prove that the formulation and implementation of government policy should be devolved to professionals, who communicate more directly with individuals and small organisations.

Research Documents

To view our published research documents, you will require a PDF reader. Adobe Reader may be downloaded for free by clicking here.

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