On 7th December 2014 some of our families enjoyed a walk in the woods with a difference at Langdon Hills Country Park. Following Dorothy in her search for the Wizard of Oz and meeting some other characters from the story along the way, as well as Santa.

The scsrecrow didn't know where Santa was because she didn't have a brain, only straw!

The Tin man found his heart when the children taught him how to recycle.

The lion just about had enough courage to join us on our journey!

This character was very scary, trying to catch children to put in her cooking pot! It had to be said, some of the children were speechless but those that shouted "boo" did manage to send her to her end!

But all ended well. Dorothy was sent off in a hot air balloon to have Christmas with her family, giving our children the chance to visit Santa, collect a gift and do some crafts. Adults warmed up with a hot toddy, without the tod!!